Zero Trust for Endpoints and Applications - Essentials Series - Episode 3
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See how you can apply Zero Trust principles and policies to your endpoints and apps; the conduits for users to access your data, network, and resources. Jeremy Chapman walks through your options, controls, and recent updates to implement the Zero Trust security model.


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Our Essentials episode gave a high-level overview of the principles of the Zero Trust security model, spanning identity, endpoints, applications, networks, infrastructure, and data. For Zero Trust, endpoints refer to the devices people use every day — both corporate or personally owned computers and mobile devices. The prevalence of remote work means devices can be connected from anywhere and the controls you apply should be correlated to the level of risk at those endpoints. For corporate managed endpoints that run within your firewall or your VPN, you will still want to use principles of Zero Trust: Verify explicitly, apply least privileged access, and assume breach.




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