Control & Visibility for the Power Platform with Managed Environments
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Custom onboarding, Sharing controls, & DevOps integration.

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Auto-block unsafe apps from getting to production.

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Guardrails at each stage of production.

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00:00 — Introduction


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Video Transcript:

Jeremy Chapman (00:02):
Coming up as more and more people use Microsoft’s low-code Power Platform to build app experiences and automate everyday tasks and processes, we’ll take a closer look at the new Managed Environments capability for easier, proactive governance, including greater control with capabilities like sharing limits that restrict how broadly apps and flows can be shared, along with better guardrails through the built-in Solution checker and maker friendly DevOps capability, Pipelines for Power Platform, to test apps before they move into production. And joining me today for our deep dive is one of the engineering leaders on this topic, Evan Lew. Welcome to the show.

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