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Detect data loss, exfiltration, and data theft with intelligent automation solutions in Microsoft Purview. Data lives across apps, databases, and in file sharing locations inside and outside your infrastructure. It can be stored on devices and removable media, and it travels with each interaction. Secure data with a scalable and automated approach — discover and understand the growing volume of sensitive data, apply protections that follow data wherever it lives or travels, take preventative action when there’s a risk of data loss, and elevate or lower data protections based on individual users to balance productivity with data security. 


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Information Protection, Data Loss Prevention, and Insider Risk Management provide a unified platform in Microsoft Purview for intelligent, automated data protection.


Auto-detect, label, and classify sensitive data. 

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Get a 360-degree view across your data estate with Information Protection in Microsoft Purview.


Configure protective policies to mitigate loss of sensitive data. 

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See how to use Data Loss Prevention along with other Microsoft Purview solutions for intelligent data security.


Detect potential data theft or exfiltration activities. 

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Check out Insider Risk Management, part of Microsoft Purview’s unified platform of intelligent data security s...


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00:00 — Introduction 

00:45 — Intelligent data security 

01:29 — Information Protection 

01:53 — Data Loss Prevention 

02:22 — Insider Risk Management 

03:00 — Example of information protection 

03:55 — Wrap up


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Video Transcript:

-Data is generated with every activity we do. It lives across apps, databases, and in the file sharing locations, inside, and outside your infrastructure. It can be stored on devices, and even removable media. And it travels with each interaction, from each email we send, our chat exchanges, to the content we present on video calls and more. All while traversing networks with varying security, as we work from wherever we want and with people both inside and outside of our organization. This flow and exchange of data is vital to our productivity. Yet, the more unaccounted for and unprotected it is, the more prone it is to inadvertent loss, exfiltration by external bad actors, and even data theft by employees. 


-Securing your data requires a scalable and automated approach, intelligent enough to discover and understand the growing volume of sensitive data inside of your organization. Comprehensive enough to apply corresponding protections that follow data wherever it lives and travels across your entire data estate. Pervasive enough to intelligently notify you if the data you’re working with needs protection, taking preventative action when there’s a risk of data loss, and adaptive enough to elevate or lower data protections based on the circumstances surrounding each individual user to balance productivity with data security. 


-It’s an approach made possible by Microsoft Purview’s agentless, integrated, and AI-infused solutions that strengthen your data security, including Information Protection for a 360-degree view of the data across your data estate. Here, built-in ready-to-use machine learning-based classifiers have been pre-trained extensively on large samples of industry-specific data. These are combined with hundreds of sensitive information types, for the automatic detection, labeling, and classifying of your sensitive data across your data estate. 


-Then, Data Loss Prevention, lets you configure policies with protective actions to mitigate data loss over your sensitive data. And one policy can protect your data across your email, your file sharing locations, your favorite Microsoft 365 apps, including Microsoft Teams chats with sensitive information, the files you manage on your device endpoints for both Windows and even macOS, as well as non-Microsoft cloud apps and services, and file share servers running on-premises or in the cloud. 


-And finally, Insider Risk Management, that provides automated insights into events potentially leading to data theft or other exfiltration activities happening inside of your organization. It takes a privacy-led approach enabled by dozens of ready-to-use indicators and machine learning models that can sequence anomalous activity to expose potential insider risks as they unfold. 


-You can use these best-in-class solutions on their own, but together as part of a unified platform, they provide the most comprehensive and adaptive protection for your data based on how users are interacting with it, and then dynamically adjust data loss prevention policies to address the most critical data risks. 


-For example, when information protection classifies content, the label is used as a condition in the corresponding data loss prevention policy. So now in the event of a specific action like attempting to save to a USB, the policy is triggered and blocks the data exfiltration in its tracks. Notably, the policy action is automatically assessed in the context of the user, who having resigned their position has signaled several anomalous activities from changing classification labels to downloading documents en masse. All activities sequenced by the machine learning in Insider Risk Management, which has raised the user’s risk level to “Elevated,” resulting in them being blocked from the action By contrast, a low-risk user attempting to perform the same action is warned instead of being blocked outright, this is because of built-in adaptive protection powered by machine learning that literally adapts data loss prevention protections in real-time based on the differing risk levels of individual users. 


-And to learn more about safeguarding your data and files with intelligent automation, please watch our demo-rich series on Microsoft Purview at

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