Build fast, scalable data system on Azure SQL Database Hyperscale | Clearent
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How to build a fast, scalable data system on Azure SQL Database Hyperscale. Hyperscale’s flexible architecture scales with the pace of your business to process large amounts of data with a small amount of compute in just minutes, and allows you to back up data almost instantaneously.


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Zach Fransen, VP of data and AI at Xplor, joins Jeremy Chapman to share how credit card processing firm, Clearent by Xplor, built a fast, scalable merchant transaction reporting system on Azure SQL Database Hyperscale. Take a deep dive on their Hyperscale implementation, from their approach with micro-batching to continuously bring in billions of rows of transactional data, from their on-premises payment fulfillment system at scale, as well as their optimizations for near real-time query performance using clustered column store indexing for data aggregation.






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