See new possibilities in technology with Official Collections on Microsoft Learn
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Microsoft Learn is designed to help you get the most value from Microsoft products and services, so that you can have the most impact in your work. To empower learners across the world, Official Collections on Microsoft Learn now offers content in 17 languages, which helps put you on the most efficient path to building up your technical expertise. Here's how.


What are Official Collections on Microsoft Learn?

Finding your way to the latest and greatest training for earning a certification or attaining a new skill is important. Official Collections make this easier by curating the content that prepares you for certification exams, specific job roles, and common technical problems all into one place.


Designated with a "Created By Microsoft" tag, Official Collections offer a trusted resource for valuable and relevant Microsoft Learn content on a large variety of technical topics. By putting documentation, training modules, code samples, videos, modules, and certification pathways into one location, these lists can help you efficiently skill up for new career opportunities or business needs.


Defining and refining technical skills with Official Collections on Microsoft Learn, FastTrack for Azure example.png


Along with the updated ability to view content in multiple languages, Official Collections on Microsoft Learn provide: 

  • Content created by Microsoft and a community of expert contributors that are geared towards a particular topic or learning goal. 
  • Learning roadmaps that align to in-demand roles within the technology marketplace. 
  • Resources that coincide with major events like Microsoft Build and Microsoft Ignite. 

Official Collections simplify your learning journey and ensure that you spend time doing what's most valuable: building new skills.


Discover in-demand technical skills 

With availability in multiple languages, Official Collections can help you discover new learning paths, videos, and events. Descriptions highlighting the intent and benefit behind selected content helps you easily identify the resources that best fits your needs and learning style. 


Collections marked as official also indicate that the content aligns to important technical tasks for the job market and organizations. As part of this year's Microsoft Ignite event, a new series of Official Collections represent the hottest discussed topics and key takeaways for in-demand skillsets. With a focus on subjects like document automation, data protection, and artificial intelligence, Official Collections help to highlight areas within the technology industry where skills are in demand.


Explore Official Collections on Microsoft Learn: 

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