Microsoft Learn learning rooms drive connection, guidance, and new possibilities
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At Microsoft Learn, we’re passionate about helping our community build tech skills that can open doors to new possibilities and empower learning through connection. If you follow the Microsoft Learn Community, you may have already heard about the all-new Learning Rooms, and it’s only natural to ask what they are and how they can help you.


Make the most of Microsoft Learn learning rooms

Our collection of experiences in the Microsoft Learn Community offers a variety of ways to connect and engage with technical experts who are passionate about the community and who want to help you achieve your learning goals.

Learning rooms are an exclusive component of the Microsoft Learn Community, designed to offer learners like you a dedicated space where you can connect with experts and peers. Learning rooms are facilitated by Microsoft Learn experts who not only have extensive knowledge of and experience with Microsoft products and technologies but can also offer you more targeted opportunities for guidance and support. This direct engagement allows you to dive into topic-specific questions via asynchronous discussions and virtual sessions to help you achieve your skill-building goals in a global, diverse, and inclusive environment.


Expert speaking to cohort of learnersExpert speaking to cohort of learners


Enhance your technical learning journey

Whether you’re just beginning your learning journey or you have career experience and want to take it to the next level—or maybe you’re almost finished with school and are preparing to launch your career—learning rooms offer an in-depth experience where you can seek advice, ask questions related to skill-building, and connect with like-minded learners. With more than 29 learning rooms to choose from, covering AI; Azure; Microsoft business applications; Modern Workplace; Microsoft Security, compliance, and identity; and other general technologies, our new community experience covers a variety of topics that matter to you and can better guide your learning.


Receive the specific guidance you need

The Microsoft Learn Community is here to meet you where you are and to support your personal learning journey. Through learning rooms, you can collaborate with subject matter experts and receive guided support by participating in peer-to-peer virtual and in-person sessions on topics you’re passionate about. Becoming a part of this community can help drive your personal and professional growth, as you make the most of the valuable advice, training insights, and unique perspectives offered by experts and peers. These combined resources can help you not only build confidence but also increase your ability to upskill, pass Microsoft Certification exams, and achieve your career goals.


Choose the space that best suits your interests

Help accelerate your career journey in our dedicated learning environments, where you can amplify your impact and expand your network. Our community experience is designed to support ongoing dialogue and valuable interactions. To review all of the available rooms and to be added to those that interest you, go to the Learning Rooms Directory. You can filter by technology or language and view each of the descriptions to find the rooms that best suit you and your skill-building needs. When you’re ready to join, select the title of the room (or rooms) that you wish to join and then complete the registration form. You’ll receive an email letting you know that you’ve been added, and you can begin your Microsoft Learn Community journey. After you’re in a room, get the latest information from the General channel. Feel free to join any conversation or even start one yourself.


Directory of Learn ExpertsDirectory of Learn Experts


Join the Microsoft Learn Community

We’re all here to support each other on our learning journeys, and our enhanced community experience offers you more ways to increase your expertise on the topics that matter most to you. It can even help you achieve your career goals. You’re at the heart of our community, and we welcome everyone to join, learn, and grow.

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