Microsoft Learn for Educators delivers cutting-edge instruction to students
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Technology is changing the future of work. As students prepare to enter the workforce in today’s challenging environment, they’re searching for ways to stand out. At Microsoft, we’re committed to supporting higher education institutions, students, and the educators teaching and mentoring them on their learning journey to attain new technical skills for the jobs of the future.


Microsoft Learn for Educators takes the best of Microsoft Learn online learning paths and supporting instructor-led training materials into the classroom. Higher education institutions, educators, and faculty members at colleges, universities, community colleges, polytechnics, and secondary schools can access Microsoft ready-to-teach curriculum and teaching materials aligned to industry-recognized Microsoft Certifications. These certifications augment a student’s existing degree path and validate the skills needed to be successful across a variety of in-demand technical careers.

Demand for technical certifications is growing. For students who are looking to stand out in the job market, and the faculty and higher education institutions looking to support them, technical certifications can be a differentiator. For a student, adding a Microsoft Certification to their profile alongside artifacts from class projects demonstrates not only their learning from coursework, but also a commitment to keeping up with the evolving forefront of technology.


Today, we’re announcing the global availability of the Microsoft Learn for Educators program. After 12 months of piloting the program with higher education institutions, faculty, and students around the globe, we are launching new features to better enable and support Microsoft technical skills training. Our newest features include educator-curated learning paths on Learn, a self-serve portal, and the Microsoft Learn for Educators  community where educators can connect directly with Microsoft and educators from around the globe to share course delivery best practices and innovate together. Let’s take a closer look at the new features, benefits, and the available training and curriculum.


Microsoft Learn for Educators program benefits. Through this program we are offering educators & academic institutions many benefits, including:

  • Microsoft curriculum and teaching materials
  • Free Microsoft Certification practice exams
  • Free Microsoft Certification exams
  • Training program managers
  • Curriculum integration support
  • Microsoft Learn for Educators community
  • Data and insights reporting


Curriculum and teaching materials. Eligible educators can access the Microsoft fundamentals curriculum and teaching materials aligned to Microsoft Certifications.


This curriculum provides foundational-level knowledge of Microsoft cloud services and business applications and is ideal for students who are considering or just starting a career in technology. These courses have been designed for instructor-led and blended learning models and can be delivered remotely or in person.


Microsoft Learn for Educators provides access to a curriculum of official Microsoft Learning fundamentals products for Azure, Azure data, Azure AI, and Microsoft Power Platform. Each course covers Microsoft Certification exam objectives through lessons based on real-world scenarios and practice exercises. Supporting resources for the Microsoft courses include:

  • Online training – Self-paced online learning paths and modules available on Microsoft Learn
  • Microsoft Official Courseware – Full course and module content (including lab components, where available) and Trainer Guide
  • Course datasheet – Course overview, outline, and learning objectives
  • Educator teaching guide – General course information to prepare for delivering classes


Digital Experience on Learn. Explore our new educator role-based landing page providing access to content, teaching tools, and training for educators. Here, any educator or academic institution can apply to join the program. You’ll be able to access information about the Microsoft curriculum and teaching materials, sign up for training events, leverage Microsoft tools for your classes, read success stories, and get ready to make an impact on students’ career paths.


Training program management. Once your department, program, or school has joined the Microsoft Learn for Educators program, your institution will be assigned a training program manager. Your training program manager acts as your go-to contact to support you in the program. From your onboarding session through to teaching your first course, your training program manager will support your progress to ensure your success and your students' success in building new technical skills for the future.


Community. The Microsoft Learn for Educators community is a space for live connections with fellow educators from around the globe and subject matter experts from Microsoft. You can discover best practices, share experiences, and solve problems together in real time. Empower each other to inspire students and find support for using Microsoft content and teaching materials in ways that can help empower your students. Additionally, we’ll use the community to share announcements, events, and exclusive training opportunities.


Get Started Now!

Explore the new Microsoft Learn for Educators experience and apply to be a part of the program. We’re looking forward to helping you empower your students for future success!

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