Introducing an empowering new role: Microsoft Power Platform App Maker
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Since moving to role-based training and certification in 2018, Microsoft Learn has continued to work with industry experts to identify new roles and create training that prepares learners for the skills needed in those roles. This year, responding to a need for non-developers to be able to quickly create apps tailored to their business needs, the Microsoft Learn team developed the role of Microsoft Power Platform App Maker. By skilling up in Microsoft Power Platform, an app maker can create business apps without knowing any code. Microsoft was the first to introduce this new role to the marketplace, and there’s a great deal of excitement about how it can empower individuals and businesses by enabling and encouraging creative solutions. Because it’s so new, let’s take a closer look at what this role can help you do.


What does an app maker do?

An app maker is someone with deep expertise in a solution who builds custom apps for their team that solve a business problem or respond to a need. They may envision, design, build, and implement an app—for example, to simplify, automate, or transform tasks and processes. After the app is up and running, they manage its security and versions. Being able to quickly create an app that helps others in your workplace is what makes this new role so exciting. For example, a Red Cross worker built an in-house shopping cart app to make it easier to order supplies. An elementary school principal with no formal IT training created an app to improve the reading assessment process for students and educators.


App makers also help businesses develop agile operations, accelerate their digital transformation, encourage innovation, and empower their people—all of which help them thrive in the face of change. For example, the facility management team at Leonardo Global Solutions created an app to replace its slow, manual, and at times inaccurate daily facility maintenance process, saving time and money while increasing accuracy. Read more inspiring stories of people with no or low-code experience using app maker skills to innovate solutions for their business challenges.


How to skill up as an app maker

To acquire the skills needed to perform the role of app maker, you don’t need to take time out or time off to learn to code. Anyone who’s comfortable using technology to solve business problems can learn to use Microsoft Power Platform Maker tools.


If you want the power to quickly create custom business apps without writing code, head to the App Maker Learning Catalog. The catalog lays out the training you need, from getting started with Power Apps, to app creation, to flow creation. It identifies whether content is available on Microsoft Learn as free, self-paced modules and learning paths or offered as instructor-led training by Microsoft Learning Partners, or both, so you can easily find the best training format for your needs.


To earn certification as a Power Platform App Maker Associate, take Exam PL-100: Microsoft Power Platform App Maker. This exam measures skills such as designing and creating data models and basic user interfaces, managing privacy and compliance for stored data, and analyzing data with Power BI reports and AI Builder. It also measures skills for implementation and management of security, deployment, and versions of apps.

This new role of app maker is a great choice—not just for non-coders but also for coders or developers who want to quickly validate their skills by getting certified as an app maker. If you’re already using Microsoft Power Platform to solve business problems, for example, or you’re skilled in key technical business analyst tasks, such as data modeling, basic UX design, requirements analysis, and process analysis, consider taking the exam and getting certified as an app maker. Anyone who creates and enforces business processes, structures the digital collection of information, improves the efficiency of repeatable tasks, and automates business processes is a good candidate. Experience with Visual Basic for Applications, Excel PivotTables, Microsoft Teams, and other tools helps, as does a basic understanding of data models, user interface, and processes.


Step into this empowering new role. Earn your certification as a Power Platform App Maker Associate. And see how you can empower yourself, your team, and your company.

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