How to stay motivated during your learning journey
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Having a goal like completing a Microsoft Learn learning path or earning a Microsoft Certification starts with a determination to succeed. In fact, in an IDC white paper, research showed that well-trained and certified IT professionals had one common attribute – their ability to have a growth mindset. Certified IT professionals were also 15% more confident with new technology responsibilities than noncertified specialists; on average, those who were certified prior to their first IT position were promoted 23% sooner than their noncertified counterparts.1





So, how do you stay focused while continuing your learning journey? With Microsoft Learn, get trained on your own time and at your own pace. Explore topics in-depth through guided learning paths and learn how to accomplish specific tasks through individual modules. Feel empowered and inspired to keep going throughout your journey.


Experience points

Once you get started on Microsoft Learn, you’ll notice that you can earn experience points (XP) by completing units, modules, and learnings paths. The more you complete, the more XPs you’ll earn which will ultimately increase your level. For instance, if you’re starting at level one, then finish a unit that’s worth 200 XPs and you’ll achieve a level two status.


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You are capable of putting in the work. If you need encouragement, try creating your own XP goal to hit. Write that number on a sticky note, tell a friend or family member what you’re aiming for, and get started. 


Badges, trophies, and certifications  

Sharing your achievement can feel just as great as earning it. With Microsoft Learn, earn badges when you finish a module, and earn trophies when you complete a learning path. Be proud of these learning accomplishments and show them off with your network on social media.


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You can also take the next step in your career and earn a globally and industry-recognized Microsoft Certification to help you get hired, promoted, and stay ahead. By becoming certified, you can share your achievement via a digital badge, giving you an easy way to validate your skills and ability to embrace new technologies, empowering you to get the recognition you deserve.


Set yourself up for success

A new goal could require extra concentration, more dedicated time, and a good amount of encouragement. You can make each task easier by creating a quiet space and blocking an hour or more on your calendar when needed. As you go through your learning journey, remember that you have XPs, badges, trophies, and more on Microsoft Learn to help you stay focused. If you prefer to learn with an instructor in person or virtually, instructor-led training courses delivered by our Learning Partners are also an option to help you skill up. You’ll get in-depth, dedicated, and personal attention and support from technical subject matter experts. And finally, find the right Microsoft Certification for you and aim to achieve one to validate your knowledge and ability to perform in a job role.


Now that you’re aware of various features available on Microsoft Learn to keep you motivated and empowered, get started on your learning journey for free today.  


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1. Source: IDC, “Impact of Certifications and Training on Career Milestones”, June 2019

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