How the Microsoft Certification community can help you and your career
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Learning takes dedication, hard work, and persistence. And this #ProudToBeCertified blog series has shown us that the journey is worth it. The inspiring stories we’ve heard from all our generous contributors around the world have come from so many different points of view. Thanks to all of them, and you for being a part of it. From getting a head start while still in school to advancing a career as a new mom, to those who are highly experienced and wanted to keep going – even from the standpoint of a career rocked by a global crisis – every single story we’ve shared have one common theme: community.


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Sharing can inspire, motivate, and advance your career

When you share your experiences, challenges, wins, and goals with your network, you put yourself out there for support and acknowledgment – maybe when you didn’t realize you need it. Perhaps you didn’t even expect what you’re sharing can benefit someone else too. When you speak up with a question, you’re helping others who might have the same ask – which ultimately keeps the conversation going for everyone. With more than 1.1 million people who viewed the #ProudToBeCertified posts on Twitter, LinkedIn, videos, and other locations, the stories from our community seem to have a real impact – learners are making connections, finding resources, and gaining motivation together.


How connecting with the certification community can help you

We’ve been fortunate to share these personal stories through this #ProudToBeCertified blog series. It’s helped show us that whoever and wherever you are in your career, you’re not alone. There’s a network of people ready to offer advice and support you with the resources you need. Simply reaching out can spark a blaze of interconnections.


And we’ve seen how making new connections and sharing accomplishments in your community can lead to real career advances. For instance, you can benefit by sharing your achievements with a networking site like LinkedIn. Members who have at least five skills on their profiles are messaged up to 27 times more than those who don’t.1 We’ve also seen career advances made through mentorships, public celebration of accomplishments, new connections that happened during the certification journey, and more. We’re learning that when you celebrate and share your achievements, you’re giving yourself an additional boost to get where you want to go in your career and life. 




What can you take away from these #ProudToBeCertified stories?

Beyond the fact that the Microsoft Certification community provides support and motivation, there are a number of practical lessons and tips these #ProudToBeCertified stories have shown us.


  1. It’s never too early – or too late – to start.

When it comes to learning, there’s no limit on age. In this blog series, we’ve seen university students decide to explore Microsoft technologies and certifications on Microsoft Learn, leading to careers in tech. We’ve also heard from seasoned professionals with decades of experience give their careers a boost by investing in learning and having a growth mindset. Everyone is welcome when it comes to learning.


  1. The journey begins with curiosity and passion.

The #ProudToBeCertified stories in this series originate from a diverse set of people, from job seekers to those affected by the pandemic, to experienced technical professionals with a passion for life-long learning. Whatever their stories, they’ve chosen their own learning path based on their enthusiasm for working with technology – and continuously exploring their personal interests along the way.  


  1. Make use of Microsoft Learn.

Featured individuals in our blog series have found direction, certification details, and training resources on Microsoft Learn, a place to customize your learning journey and build your technical skills needed to meet professional and personal goals. From free self-paced learning paths to instructor-led training courses offered by Learning Partners, you can choose the best way to learn and prepare for a certification. With training resources designed to meet your personal learning style, Microsoft Learn is the place to go so you too can be #ProudToBeCertified.


  1. Add depth to your online resources.

Beyond Microsoft Learn, there are plenty of additional options to find what you need along your learning journey. Start with the Microsoft Tech Community. You’ll likely find what you’re looking for among its over 600k members and over 1.6 million discussions. You’ll also find a vast community of support at social sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn.


Wherever you are on your certification journey, you are not alone

You could be on day 1 or day 900 on your learning journey; wherever you are, you have a community and support. We’re all in this with you to cheer you on, surface the best resources, and encourage each other to keep learning. If you’ve contributed your #ProudToBeCertified story on Twitter, LinkedIn, or another platform, thank you for joining us by sharing your journey. Keep learning, discovering, and moving ahead.



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