Coming soon: The new Azure Enterprise Data Analyst Associate certification
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We’re happy to announce the addition of the Azure Enterprise Data Analyst Associate certification to our portfolio, scheduled for release in mid-April 2022.  


With the ongoing digital transformation of business and the fast pace of technology today, the rapid growth in the volume and variety of data in enterprise-level organizations has resulted in a proliferation of data silos. And the vast amounts of data in those silos can be difficult to analyze, interpret, and act on. Our new Azure Enterprise Data Analyst Associate certification is a key step for professionals who take that data from its various sources across the enterprise and then model and analyze it to inform and support effective business decisions.  


Enterprise data analysts build on the Power BI data reporting and visualization skills applied by business users to incorporate modern data warehousing and big data analytics, using technologies like Azure Synapse Analytics. They also specialize in data governance, working with tools like Azure Purview in enterprise-scale data analytics solutions. 


Is the Azure Enterprise Data Analyst Associate certification right for you?  

You’re a great candidate for this certification if you have subject matter expertise in designing, creating, and deploying enterprise-scale data analytics solutions.  


Typical responsibilities for data analysts in this role include performing advanced data analytics at scale, such as cleaning and transforming data, designing and building enterprise data models, incorporating advanced analytics capabilities, integrating with IT infrastructure, and applying development lifecycle practices. These professionals help collect enterprise-level requirements for data analytics solutions that include Azure and Power BI. They also advise on data governance and configuration settings for Power BI administration. Plus, they monitor data usage and optimize performance of data analytics solutions.  


Azure enterprise data analysts collaborate with professionals in other roles, such as solution architects, data engineers, data scientists, AI engineers, database administrators, and Power BI data analysts.  


Candidates for this certification should have advanced Power BI skills, including managing data repositories and data processing in the cloud and on-premises, along with using Power Query and Data Analysis Expressions (DAX). They should also be proficient in consuming data from Azure Synapse Analytics. Additionally, they need experience querying relational databases, analyzing data by using Transact-SQL (T-SQL), and visualizing data. 


Professionals interested in earning this new certification need to pass Exam DP-500: Designing and Implementing Enterprise-Scale Analytics Solutions Using Microsoft Azure a..., which will be available in mid-April 2022. If you’re a skilled Azure enterprise data analyst who designs, deploys and performs advanced data analytics at scale, we encourage you to participate in the beta. Stay tuned for the announcement. 


Start preparing now for the upcoming beta exam  

Even though the exam won’t be released until mid-April 2022, you can start preparing for it now:   


Unlock opportunities with enterprise-scale analytics solutions by using Azure and Power BI 

Are you ready to prove your skills at finding, collating, modeling, and analyzing data? Take your skills to the next level with Azure and Power BI. Get ready for Exam DP-500 (beta), and earn your Azure Enterprise Data Analyst Associate certification. Validate that you have the skills and experience to support your career, your team, and your organization and to help ensure that their business decisions and goals are based on a complete, informed view of the data.   


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