Boost your security skills with the new 30 Days to Learn It challenge
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It’s no secret that one of the best ways to refine new skills is by testing them. Microsoft Learn’s 30 Days to Learn It allows you to develop career-building skills and demonstrate your capabilities in a low-stress way.


Recently, Microsoft Learn has introduced a new security-themed challenge called Information Protection Administrator. Participating in this challenge (and others) can help you skill up at your own pace while pursuing your career and organizational goals. Even better, successful completion can earn you a 50 percent off certification exam voucher.*


What is 30 Days to Learn It?

30 Days to Learn It challenges help you build in-demand technical skills to solve real-world problems. From Azure to Power Platform, these challenges highlight skills critical to a variety of Microsoft products that can help you increase productivity and prepare for a Microsoft Certification exam.


Some benefits of participating in 30 Days to Learn It challenges include:

  • The ability to test your skill and knowledge level before attempting a Microsoft Certification exam.
  • A guide to pertinent Microsoft Learn content that can help you skill up in specific subjects. 
  • A voucher for 50 percent off the cost of a Microsoft Certification exam.*
  • Knowledge checks to help you prepare for formal certification.

Once you start a challenge, you’ll have 30 days to complete a series of pre-selected training modules. If you’re new to Microsoft Learn and looking to upskill in a particular topic, taking part in a challenge is a great way to immerse yourself in a technical subject and stay accountable by completing the content within a certain time frame. 


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Boost your security expertise

Organizations everywhere commonly cite security as a top-of-mind technical concern. Because of this ever-present threat, it’s crucial to employers that they have the right people and platforms in place to protect against it. The new 30 Days to Learn It Information Protection Administrator challenge, provides you with an arsenal of tools to support this goal.


As part of this challenge, you’ll dive into creating policies and rules for content classification, data loss prevention, data governance, and data protection. This challenge focuses on tasks that information protection administrators face daily such as translating data protection requirements and controls into actual technical implementation.


If this particular option doesn’t sound applicable to your role, know that Microsoft Learn offers several 30 Days to Learn It challenges that you can begin at any time. Challenges on Azure Virtual Desktop Fundamentals, Microsoft 365 Developer, and Power Platform App Maker (among others) guide you in setting goals, increasing your understanding, and developing marketable skills to better yourself and your career.


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*Terms and Conditions apply to be eligible for the 50% off certification exam voucher. See here for details.

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