Microsoft Store is blocked

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Hello! I have encountered a small problem on a main tenant, and now on a test one, that I cannot resolve and I would need guidance if someone can assist me.

I activated the 90-day trial option using the link: The steps I followed are as follows: 

  • I activated the subscription.
  • I added the created account as an Enrollment manager.
  • I added the new enrollment manager to a workstation, which then synced in the Microsoft Intune admin center.

In my portal, I currently have two groups: All Devices and All Users. In the All devices group, I can find the workstation that I added to Intune, while in All Users, I can only find the administrator account. From the moment I added the laptop to Azure AD using the Enrollment manager account, the Microsoft Store automatically blocked, and on the screen, I see the following message: 




I have not made any changes to the Microsoft Intune admin center, Azure, or any other available resources. Could someone guide me on how to resolve this issue? I would like to have access to the applications in the Microsoft Store.



A few notes:

  • The workstation is running Windows 11 Education.
  • When I tested the previous steps on Windows 10 Education, when I clicked on the Microsoft Store, only the Private Store was visible. After making the following changes: 





the store was unlocked, and I had access to any application.


Also, the tenant that I described is a tenant that I want to use for some tests, and I encountered the problem from the very beginning, but besides this I know from previous tests on another organization how to add Company Portal and how to add applications to it, both from the Microsoft Store app (new) and Windows app (Win32) app types, but I was wondering if there is a standalone solution just for the Microsoft Store. 


Thank you in advance for your time and I wish you a wonderful day, both at work and outside of it!



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Hi! Just a follow-up question, is there any possibility that someone found a solution in this area of discussion?

Thank you in advance!
Here is what i understand, from now on Microsoft Store for enterprise doen't exist anymore so if we what to put some new software with store the only way is by Intune. Like you said if you change the GPO for private store , then all clients will see everything and can download everything also and thats not what we want....

Here is some info that explain it.

So right now im testing if we can turn this store off and get the apps updating...