Connect to the Microsoft Graph Security API without writing code!


We are happy to share two new options to connect with the Microsoft Graph Security API without having to write any code. 

Try the Microsoft Graph Security connectors and please share your feedback by filing a GitHub issue or by engaging on the Microsoft Security Graph API tech community or StackOverflow.

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These connectors does not expose events and steps which is very crucial. @Preeti_Krishna 

agreed with Raj as the retrieving of events is an important aspect which is missing.

@Prash915 and @krisrajz - The Microsoft Graph Security API enables managing curated security data like alerts in a unified format across different security providers. Raw data like events and logs are hard to be unified across different products and are verbose too. These codeless mechanisms enable getting alerts across multiple security products in a unified json (schema) format enabling one to correlate alerts with common set of information and investigate before pulling in raw logs as needed by tapping into the direct product specific APIs.