Work or school account disappeared from user account on a Azure AD joined device

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My laptop is joined to my Office 365 Azure Active Directory. I sign in to it with my Azure AD Credentials, so the primary account is my Work or School Account.


Yesterday, I noticed my Outlook was asking me for my password. Clicking on it briefly showed a sign in screen, but no way to use it. When I further investigated it, I noticed that my Windows User Account didn't have my Work or School Account connected anymore (Settings -> Accounts -> Email & Accounts). Outlook uses this to sign in to my email account.


I tried adding it, but the link "Add a work or school account" doesn't work (where "Add a Microsoft Account" does). The laptop is still connected to my Azure AD domain, so "Connect" on the "Access work or school" screen tells me "Your device is already connected to your organisation".


After I tried all this I cleared all Office, Onedrive and Microsoft Teams from the Windows Credentials in the Credential Manager. Hoping it would trigger a signin page and with it adding the work account back to my Windows account. I must have forgotten (not recognized) one, because Microsoft Teams, the Office programs and OneDrive still work.... didn't need to sign in again.


Don't know how to describe this problem, so Googlin... I mean... Bingin it doesn't give any results..... Just sites that explain how to connect or disconnect an account, but not related to my problem...


Any ideas how to fix this?

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@Michiel van den Broekif you don't mind, try clearing your credential manager completely. You can do this with the following command.


for /F "tokens=1,2 delims= " %G in ('cmdkey /list ^| findstr Target') do  cmdkey /delete %H


Maybe you can try to remove your license from Office - hoping it would trigger the login window.


Thank you.