Transistion Office 365 MFA to Azure MFA

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We have been setup for a year on Office 365 MFA.  We have now obtained the Azure P1 license and would like to use the full capabilities of Azure MFA.  Unfortunately, I cannot fined any guidance on how to make this happen or the impact on the users.    Does anyone have any guidance on how this is done?


Thanks in advance.

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Yeah I can't really find anything either, other than it saying Hey, you turn on by adding the license. Then you get these extra features:

Nothing really talks about actually making use of the extra features, I'll look around for some more docs if I notice any.

Anything against Swedish??

there are quite some guidens about configuring this and with CA and so on! But i'll recommend play around with a test user or group and learn the features and the impact


Yes, I can't read your stuff! LOL....

I love the Swedish!!!

Just translating the URL to English for those that don't know how to change the URL language lol!

Thanks for the info..assuming I can turn on Azure MFA while my Office 365 MFA is still functioning and move the users over as I see fit.