SSO login for a SaaS application using myapps

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Trying to understand the URL specifications or what is happening on a SSO login to Workday and Oracle. On-premise AD is sync'd to Azure AD and IDP for Workday and Oracle.


The default url for access we were using was


Most users just float in as expected, no username or password prompt. Some users though, are prompted to select a user account from the "known logins" and this is the issue, we are not expecting this.

If we use the following URL then it floats in as expected.


Wondering why we are being challenged on some clients to select an account?

Is there any documentation on the makeup of the URL for myapps?

Found some on Company Branding allowing for a known landing page with Company Branding where I assume the ?whr= is the Domain Hint as per the Custom Login Page

Where MyTenant is my branded site.


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