activity reports for Federated ID

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Hi, I have a quick question about Sign-in activity reports, which is described in


Using this feature, Information about the usage of managed applications and user sign-in activities can be retrieved, I understand.  



Does this feature work fine for Federated ID ? (On-premise AD federated environment with ADFS) 

The federated ID is authenticated at on-premises AD/ADFS actually, so I want to confirm this feature work fine for federated ID.




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Yes, it does include federated logins too. And you can get even more information if you install the Azure AD Connect Health probe for AD FS:

Hi, Vasil,


Thanks for your reply. 

Now I see sign-in activities for not only cloud ID, but also federated ID should recorded in this sign-in activity reports. I don't have federated ID environment currently, but I'll try it later.


And thanks for information about  Azure AD Connect Health probe for AD FS. I'll try this, too, when I build the federated ID environment.