Remote Desktop with Azure AD and Pin

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I got from my compmany a new PC where we joined the Azure AD. My organistion set a PIN and the fingerprint but do not use the password.


Now I want to connect to this PC using remote desktop. How can I set to use the PIN for that instead of the password?



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That's a question you should be asking your IT support guys, as there are certain requirements to make Remote desktop work in such configuration. You can refer to this article:

Hello Vasil,


thanks for the comment. I know this article but the main question I can‘t find answered in the article: can I logon to a PC via Remote Desktop using the PIN?

(beside the question if it is allowed or not)



Here we are a year later and still no answer to this? I confirm that article is useless, because it does not say a word about connecting to an AzureAD joined pc. I want to know how to do it as well. Please advice

Did you get an answer on this ? @Jens Seidenstücker 


C'mon MS. This isn't rocket science. This should be a 2 second adjustment fix via a reg key or otherwise.