Recommended Active Directory Backup and Restore

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I just want some help here. I've been assign a task to have a recommendation for backup and restore for our Active Directory. Our setup is our GLOBAL AD is in the cloud then for each every location we have 1 forest on-premise that has a one way trust to the GLOBAL AD in the cloud and just only the active directory is installed in every server. My question is what is the best back up and restore solution for this kind of setup? 


Here is my plan and I'm not sure if this is the best solution.


Full Backup

  • Backs up all server data, including applications and the operating system
  • Includes the system state
  • Allows for bare metal recovery – This allows for restoring to an entirely different piece of hardware. Although, it is recommended that the hardware receiving the restore have the same hardware configuration.
  • The full backup option is best used for restoring the whole server to the same or different server. A full restore will allow you to easily re-install the operating system and use the backup to recover.
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