Outlook file sharing

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I'm a regular user of excel 2013 and outlook 2013 to share files to colleges. To share the files I would go to File>Share>Email>Send as Attachment in the excel document itself. From here a was able to drag the attached file, which was in the new email created by outlook, into a separate email i had previously made or to an open email thread. I was also able to modify other excel sheets, navigate through my outlook folders and more. However, without my knowledge of any settings being changed, i can no longer do any of this. Instead, when i do the same process, i am fixed to the new email that has just been created. I cannot even scroll through excel to relate my email body to the contents of the sheet, i cannot look though my inbox to find who i need to add to the email. it also means i have to save down lots of sheets which i will never look at again, just to attach it to a thread.


Can someone please help to get this feature back again, as i cannot find any solutions anywhere online



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