Only Azure AD environment

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Hi Everyone,


From last few days, I've been thinking to phase out Local AD and user only Azure AD for all authentication and user account management. 


Local domain controller is used for PC login, secure print and GPO for user/PC management. All other services are clouds based apps.

I was thinking to use ADD along with Intune for policies and computer management. 


what are the draw back of not having any local AD.






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That really depends on what you are currently using/used to. In the example you gave above, you will loose GPOs and the print services. Intune can help with PC management, but it's fairly limited, especially for older Windows versions (and you have to use the old console).


As this is a common question, there are lots of articles out there that discuss the pro/cons - I suggest you go over them and ask any questions that have remained unanswered.