Missing details in the Sign-in Log

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I am seeing large gaps in info in the Azure AD sign-ins log.  Specifically the Application, Application ID and Client App.


A very large umber of these appear to be Edge browsers including versions 14.14393, 16.16299 and 16.1629 however also see these missing info for browsers IE 11.0, IE 7.0, Chrome 74.3.3729, 75.0.3770, 78.0.3904, 71.0.357 and 66.0.3359


Also seeing Rich Client v1.0.2053.20161104 and Rich Client v2.3.0.1501


I suspect these are maybe using Basic Auth which I plan to shut down but some of these are modern clients, why aren't they using modern auth?  Is the use of basic auth why there field in the sign-in log empty?


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any resolution to this?