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After years of doing dev, I've been doing work on the admin side of things for about a year now. Almost weekly on this site, I see where someone needs to write some PS in order to pull out the information they needed.


For example, I wanted to see all the properties associated with each user account.


Bulk operations then download users seemed like an obvious answer. But the resulting file only has a few of the properties. To get the properties I wanted to see, I (to no one's great shock) needed to write and run a PS script.


This seems a bit nuts to me. Can anyone recommend some tools that can be used instead?

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There are plenty of third-party reporting solutions for O365, look them up online. There are also few players on the management front, but that mostly appeals to multi-tenant conglomerates or CSPs.

@Vasil Michev 

Of course I can look online, but I what I was hoping for were recommendations from those in the trenches. Thanks though for responding.

If everyone starts recommending products, it quickly turns into a spam fest. We've already had few vendors trying to plug in their products on every thread, such behavior hardly helps anyone. Moreover, you should be evaluating the products based on your specific needs, not marketing shills, so it's best you do the search yourself.


My company has such products for example, yet I dont think bluntly mentioning them in each such discussion will benefit you, or us for that matter. If you are only interested in some basic reporting, there are also free scripts/tools available that might do the job for you. 

Perhaps the MS world is too big for questions of this type. When in the past I have worked in other technologies, boards like this were just the place to ask these kinds of questions.

I give.

Reporting software connects to data sources, gathers information, and provides insights in the form of charts and diagrams based on input data so the user can find useful information. This app is usually available as a business information package. Reporting tools help in the decision-making process. Detailed information will give you more visibility into the data. Reporting tools provide data for an attractive continent. Representing data on an attractive continent, these tools make data easier to read, more useful and more representative.

Check out some of the best tools available over the internet.

1. Zoho Analytics

2. Microsoft Power BI

3. HubSpot

4. Answer Rocket

5. DBExtra


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