initials in azure ad / office 365

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does someone know, if it is possible to use custom initials (synced from local ad) in azure ad and further in office 365? i know it is possible to change it in the local installed office applications, but this doesn´t have any effect to the online versions.



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Sorry, i'm not sure what you mean by "custom initials". Could you provide some more info please?

currently the initials will be generated with the first letters of the (i think) display name, for example "John Doe" gets the initials "JD" but i want to set the initials to "JODO" for example, because i have many "JD"´s in the company, you know what i mean?


an example, where it would be useful: if a user adds something in onenote, you can see the changes highlighted and also the initials at the end, but you do not see (quick) which "JD" it was.

ok, now i understand, that sounds like a great idea, unfortunately, i have no idea if it is possible

The question was asked recently by a fellow MVP, @Tony Redmond was kind enough to step in and give the bad news - not possible to change it atm.