Did Azure AD MFA change this weekend?

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Did Azure AD Multifactor Authentication change this weekend?  I quit getting the pin to my cell when logging on.  I double checked my settings to make sure there were no changes there.   

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Thanks for the question. Let us know if you're still having issues and I'll be happy to reach out and try to find an answer for you.
Long time ago since you asked this but want to follow up and see if you are still seeing issues with your MFA experience. Sounds like your device has been allowed to save its credentials for amount of time and doesn't need to prompt every time. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/multi-factor-authentication/multi-factor-authentication-whats... Brjann Brekkan

I think the issue has cleared ... of not-always-getting-prompted-for-MFA.  Thanks for following up.  And I have not turned on the Enable-Remember-multi-factor-authentication option (see your link in the prior note) 


As of about a week (??) ago, I started getting MFA prompts at more logins.  (Couldn't say if it was all logins because I was not focused on this issue).   


Some factors in the mix ... This issue occurs on my Surface Pro desktop.  This started occurring more when I switched from a Windows Phone to an iPhone.  It is my understanding there is a proximity setting that worked with the MFA and Windows Phone but never confirmed it.  And I always get prompted for MFA on my iPhone.  I have the Authenticator app on my iPhone.


Bottom line, I wanted to understand when/how MFA works.  When I roll this out to the rest of the staff in my shop, I HAVE TO understand it.