Azure ADFS B2B SSO with Citrix XenApp

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Greetings community,


Since I am getting rather puzzled right now with all the terms and uses of Azure, ADFS, B2B etc. I need your advice and experience.


Our business partner has Azure AD with an SAML/oAuth Identity Provider.

We got a self-programmed App our business partner is using via Webaccess hosted on our Citrix XenApp Servers. We also got a Netscaler Gateway.



Our business partner wants to access our Citrix published App with SSO - they do not want their users to enter a password everytime they want to use our app.


Is this possible with our Netscaler by simply adding their SAML Identity provided by Azure AD and they can simply login to our site? If not, can you please help me what is needed? I am really getting crazy after hours of searching and not really finding what I need.


Thank you a bit lot!

Best regards


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