Azure AD Domain Services - auto assigned DNS vs VM IP address conflict?

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New to Azure, so please bear with me...

I've created a new domain (registered a domain within Azure) and then activated AD Domain Services for that domain.

So far so good.

I have created a new VM which I want to join to the AD domain and use it to administrate/manage AD 

All good - I have a public IP address and an auto-assigned  private IP address =


I can RDP to the new VM via its public IP.


So next I have followed this guide to configure DNS settings for the AD Service

And in the portal I discover that there are 2x IP addresses available to configure for AD DNS and here's where it gets confusing:

DNS IP addresses available =

So the first is the same as for my new VM - implying that this VM is a DNS server, which would be news to me as it is a vanilla, unconfigured VM - all I have done is successfully RDP to it.

So why is it sharing an IP address that is somehow associated with AD DNS in Azure?

I have also tried joining the VM to the domain - it fails. It is unable to communicate with/find a domain controller. 


Any ideas/suggestions what I am doing wrong or what to do about this odd DNS IP addresss conflict with the VM?


Thanks in advance




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