Azure AD B2B as a replacement for federation

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We have a customer who would like to use Azure AD B2B as a replacement for federation (AD FS), so their business partners can access their web site. I've not seen an end-to-end scenario list of what all is possible with B2B and am wondering if that use case would be a good fit for B2B? 

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Hi Kent, my answer was for you :)

We have some customers, where we are implementing AAD Sync with full password sync and using Office365 Groups as "Extranet Site" for "external/external" and "external/internal" users. With an internal process, the users are Azure B2B only.

Hi Kent - please have a look at this quick 15 minute video for what's possible and what's coming with Azure AD B2B Collaboration: Let me know if that helps.


Also, we have a ton of documentation here that you can browse for more details: 


Do let us know if you have any other questions.


Thank you. I'm particularly interested in a scenario that is outside of Office 365 which I would expect to have deeper integration even without B2B.  In this use case the customer has a web farm of IIS servers in Azure IaaS (the app doesn't support PaaS yet).  They like B2B, because they don't want to be in the user mgmt business (passwords, et al) while still maintaining control to who can access and what they can access.

Thank you! I've watched the video before, but I'll view it again as I don't remember my customer's scenario being discussed.

The URL for the documentation gave me:
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