Alerts/Notifications For Guest Account Activity?

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We are an E5/AADP1 org.  We've been configuring alerts within the O365 Audit log and had good luck with that.  We're now deploying B2B Guest users, and wish to be able to create similar alerts for a number of the guest user events, such as invite/delete external users, invite redemption, etc. (see SS's)


I know you can run audit reports and see historical actions for these events, but my InfoSec team wants near/realtime alerts.  I've found the events in the AAD audit log but don't see a way to cut an alert off of them like in O365.


Is this possible?  Is it available in P1 or is AAD P2 required? 


What about using MS Graph to do this?  


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@TechCommunityAPIAdmin Well I was surprised this morning when I saw a MCAS alert for an external azure b2b user in my tenant :)