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Video: Manage your multi-cloud identity infrastructure with Microsoft Entra
Published Jan 05 2023 01:00 PM 6,746 Views

I recently gave the team at Microsoft Mechanics a detailed tour of Microsoft Entra, and they were super excited about the breadth and power of the whole product family, especially the solutions for unified identity management across non-Microsoft services and apps.  


As a result, we decided to create this video that highlights the capabilities across Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), My Apps, Identity Governance, Verified ID, Workload Identities, and Permissions Management. 


Whether you’re new to securing access and identities for your organization, or an experienced admin of Azure AD, I’m hoping this inside look at Microsoft Entra inspires you to be more effective in protecting your people and data. 


Watch the full video:



Want to learn more about the capabilities in this demo? Here are the technical resources, organized by the topics and timestamps in the video: 


Video timestamp 


Learn more at: 


Microsoft Entra admin center 


Securing access to non-Microsoft services and apps  

SaaS App Integration Tutorials for use with Azure AD - Microsoft Entra   


Passwordless authentication  

Azure Active Directory passwordless sign-in - Microsoft Entra   


Microsoft Authenticator  

Microsoft Authenticator authentication method - Azure Active Directory   


User portal for launching enterprise applications  

My Apps portal overview - Microsoft Entra   


Decentralized identity and verifiable credentials 

Microsoft Entra Verified ID documentation - Microsoft Entra  


Verified ID: interactive demo of an onboarding experience 

Woodgrove ( 


Lifecycle workflows 

Understanding lifecycle workflows - Microsoft Entra  


Manage workload identities  

Official Collection - Workload Identities | Microsoft Learn 


Conditional Access 

Azure AD Conditional Access documentation - Microsoft Entra   


Identity Protection 

Azure AD Identity Protection documentation - Microsoft Entra | Microsoft Learn 


Audit logs 

Audit logs in Azure Active Directory - Microsoft Entra   


Identity Governance  

Microsoft Entra Identity Governance documentation - Microsoft Entra   


Privileged Identity Management  

Privileged Identity Management documentation - Microsoft Entra  


Permissions Management  

Permissions Management - Microsoft Entra | Microsoft Learn 


I hope you now have a better idea about how Microsoft Entra goes beyond the foundations of Azure AD to help you secure access for everyone to everything! 


Action Steps from the video: 

  1. Get started today with the Microsoft Entra admin center at 
  2. Learn more with the Microsoft Entra documentation at 
  3. Watch more Microsoft Mechanics videos at  


 Thanks for watching! 

Joey Cruz 



Learn more about Microsoft identity: 

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