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First published on CloudBlogs on Nov, 24 2013

Howdy folks,

Many of you who read this blog are already familiar with our GraphAPI - it's a RESTful cloud API based on the OData 2.0 standard . The GraphAPI is the best and easiest way to programmatically and securely access the wealth of data that resides in Windows Azure Active Directory.  Today over 1450 3rd party applications use the GraphAPI and last week they made over 2 million API calls! We don't talk about this API a ton, but it's one of our fastest growing features in terms of usage. In just the last seven days, 3rd party developers registered >250 new applications that use the GraphAPI!

So today I'm excited to announce that next version of the Graph API (api-version=2013-11-08) is now available. This update has a bunch of enhancements that we hope are useful for your applications, and enable new scenarios.

The major enhancements in this release include:

  • Support for provisioning Federated users
  • User License assignment
  • Support for adding multiple members to a Group
  • Managing a Group's Owner
  • Sorting Groups by their Display Name property

These enhancements are the ones we've heard the most requests for, so if you are a developer, we sure hope you'll like them! To get the details on these improvements, head on over to the GraphAPI blog

And as always, we'd love to receive any feedback or suggestions that you have!


Alex Simons (Twitter: Alex_A_Simons)

Director of Program Management

Active Directory Team

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