Report: Protecting Multicloud Infrastructure with CIEM
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Adopting a multicloud strategy has enabled organizations to achieve great levels of automation and modernize their services, but the exponential increase of identities and permissions across clouds has increased complexity, expanding organizations’ attack surface and making it difficult for security teams to implement consistent policies at cloud scale. Analyst firm KuppingerCole just published an Executive View report covering the rise of multicloud and how Microsoft Entra Permissions Management can help manage permission risks.   


In the report, analyst Paul Fisher dives into several observed trends and risks across growing multicloud environments, including the: 


  • Exponential increase of permissions and permutations across clouds 
  • Explosion of workload identities accessing multicloud infrastructure  
  • Proliferation of identities with 90% of them using less than 5% of their permissions granted 


To address these issues, KuppingerCole highlights the need for a comprehensive Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) solution such as Microsoft Entra Permissions Management. Noting, “Microsoft has already made rapid advances to fashion the original CloudKnox CIEM platform it acquired in 2021 into an improved and recognizably Microsoft product.”  


Permissions Management helps organizations manage identities, permissions, and resources across AWS, Azure, and GCP by:  


  • Providing granular visibility into which permissions identities are using 
  • Implementing least-privilege at cloud scale  
  • Monitoring and alerting for anomalous behavior or permission sprawl  


KuppingerCole Report Executive Review coverKuppingerCole Report Executive Review cover

Read the full Executive View Report here.  


Don’t miss our Multi-Cloud Permissions Management webinar on Tuesday, July 26th at 7am PST where General Manager, Balaji Parimi, will join KuppingerCole Lead Analyst Paul Fisher and cover top permission risks across multicloud environments and how organizations can protect their infrastructure by implementing least privilege at cloud scale.  


To try Microsoft Entra Permissions Management, request a free 90-day trial and run a risk assessment to identify the top permission risks in your multicloud environment. 



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