MaxConcurrentApi Detection in Updated SCOM Management Pack
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First published on CloudBlogs on May, 14 2013

The past year and a half have been active for us in support in terms of dealing with MaxConcurrentApi issues. We’ve created a great deal of new documentation , updated existing documentation , successfully advocated some changes in product to help reduce the likelihood of these issues occurring and detect them easier when they do , and created diagnostics for support and scripting to quickly give a thumbs up or down on whether the issue is happening.


A lot of the work we have done is to help Microsoft support identify MaxConcurrentApi problems once you have already called us for help. However, our goal is to not have you need to call us in the first place.

To that end the System Center Operations Manager team has added a MaxConcurrentApi monitor into the latest Server Management Pack (version 6.0.7026.0). The monitor is based on the same code Microsoft support uses to detect the issue and will report the problem condition if and when it is seen on monitored computers.

You can download the latest Server Management Pack from this link .

Big thanks to the SCOM team for this valuable addition!

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