Azure Active Directory External Identities goes premium with advanced security for B2C
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Over the past six months, we have seen organizations adapt to remote business environments and engage with an unprecedented number of external users, and we’ve seen our own service usage growing like crazy for B2B and B2C scenarios. With this growth, we also know that security continues to be top of mind.


Today, we are excited to announce the Public Preview of Conditional Access and Identity Protection for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) B2C. We also have an update to our pricing that makes all Azure AD External Identities features more predictable and affordable with support for premium security features. On the blog today, we’re welcoming back Robin Goldstein, to share more about the new capabilities and pricing.








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Previously, I shared our Azure AD External Identities vision to make it easier to secure, manage and build apps for collaborating and connecting with external users. Today’s announcement, which adds Conditional Access and Identity Protection to Azure AD B2C, is another step in our journey to help organizations protect all their identities with Microsoft’s world-class security features.


Protect your customers, apps, and brand 

Security is essential to maintaining your customers’ and consumers’ trust and protecting your organization’s data. That’s why so many of our Azure AD customers rely on Azure AD Identity Protection and Azure AD Conditional Access. Identity Protection helps organizations automatically protect against account compromise with cloud intelligence, powered by advanced risk detection based on heuristics, User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), and machine learning (ML) from signals across the Microsoft ecosystem. By pairing Conditional Access policies with the power of Identity Protection, admins can automate responses to risky authentications with the appropriate policy action. This combination already helps Fortune 500 organizations prevent over 10 million attacks each month.


By making risk-based Conditional Access and risk detection features of Identity Protection available in Azure AD B2C, our customers can now:


  • Leverage intelligent insights to assess risk with B2C apps and end user accounts. Powered by signals from billions of monthly authentications across Azure AD and Microsoft accounts, Identity Protection real-time ML algorithms use adaptive intelligence to flag authentications as low, medium, or high risk and gets smarter and more accurate over time. Detections include atypical travel, anonymous IP addresses, malware-linked IP addresses, and Azure AD threat intelligence. Portal and API-based reports are also available.

RiskDetections_B2C.pngExamine risk detections flagged through the portal


  • Automatically address risks by configuring adaptive authentication policies for B2C users. By tailoring Conditional Access policies, app developers and administrators can mitigate real-time risk by requiring multi-factor authentication (MFA) or blocking access depending on the user risk level detected, with additional controls available based on location, group, and app.


Create a Conditional Access policy based on the level of sign-in risk


  • Integrate with Azure AD B2C user flows and custom policies. Conditions can be triggered from built-in user flows in Azure AD B2C or can be incorporated into B2C custom policies. As with other aspects of the B2C user flow, end user experience messaging can be customized according to the organization’s voice, brand, and mitigation alternatives.


Create a user flow in Azure AD B2C


Get started today

Conditional Access and Identity Protection for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) B2C will be progressively rolled out across Azure regions starting on September 1. To start using the new features, you will need to do a few things first:


  1. Link your Azure AD B2C tenant to an Azure subscription. This allows you to use Azure AD premium features for Azure AD External Identities and Azure AD B2C.
  2. Enable Premium P2 features in your Azure AD B2C tenant. This allows you to access Identity Protection and all future Premium P2 features for Azure AD External Identities and Azure AD B2C.
  3. Start using the new recommended user flows in Azure AD B2C. This allows you to connect to your Conditional Access policies and all new features added to B2C user flows in the future.


Selecting and creating recommended user flows in Azure AD B2C


And of course, you can always check out our documentation to learn more about setting up risk-based Conditional Access policies for Azure AD B2C.


Pricing update


Azure AD External Identities features are now available as part of one unified offer based on monthly active usage. Whether you use Azure AD B2C, B2B collaboration or the new self-service sign-up features in Azure AD, securing and managing external users is more affordable than ever, with the first 50,000 monthly active users free at both the Premium P1 and Premium P2 tiers. For more information on the new offer with pricing details click here. For documentation to set up your tenants for this offer, click here.


As always, we hope you’ll try out the new features and share feedback through the Azure forum or by following @AzureAD on Twitter. 







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