ADAL for Windows now in Preview
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First published on CloudBlogs on Feb, 26 2014

Howdy folks,

Just a quick blog post to let you know that we made available the developer preview of the next version of our ADAL libraries for Windows!

This release has some pretty cool improvements:

  • .NET and Windows Store libraries are now distributed in a single package
  • We've converged the.NET and Windows Store object models
  • We've added async support in .NET
  • We've improved session management
  • We've improved WIndows Store apps capabilities handling

You can find more details and instructions on how to get the bits in this post .

The preview period is the one in which the libraries are the most malleable: that means that at no other time you have the opportunity to see your feedback incorporated in the product as fast as now! We are looking forward to hearing from you so we can ensure that our libraries are really meeting your needs. SO far you guys have been great, please keep the feedback coming!

Best regards,

Alex Simons (@Alex_A_Simons)

Director of PM

Active Directory

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