Trigger/Invoke MFA request for specific user via PowerShell or other tool?

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Does anyone know if there is a way to manually trigger an MFA request for a user via PowerShell or another tool? The use case is that we would like to try and use Azure MFA as a means of identity validation, this is needed because of some legacy applications or other scenarios where we simply need to verify identity as there is no self-service options and would like to use Azure MFA for this as opposed to implementing a new MFA tool.


The perfect solution would use the sms method by default and automatically send an MFA code to a user of our choosing via the script/tool so they could read the response back to us to enter in a form to see if valid as proof of identity. 


Does anyone know if something like this would be possible via PowerShell or another cmdlet/tool?

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Hi @Keenana4,

I can see that nobody has reacted yet to your question. So, as far as I know, there is no possibility to trigger an MFA warning other than signing in under that user account with an MFA method configured.

Apart from that, I recommend you check if the application supports using Service Principal instead of using Service Accounts/Non-personal accounts. Using a Service Account is an enormous risk. The account can be used for interactive login (Azure portal, for example), and a Service Account uses a username and password. I would inform the application supplier if they support Service Principals.