The final push to GA "Azure AD in new Azure Portal": We need your help!


Hello folks,

We`re making our final push to the General Availability of "Azure Active Directory in the new Azure Portal", and we need your help to make sure it is great for you.


As Alex Simons shared:
"Last September we shared the first preview of the new administration experience for Azure Active Directory in the new Azure portal. Since then, we’ve added lots of new functionality, including reporting, app management, conditional access, B2B, and licensing.

Many of you are using the new experience regularly – in fact, over half a million of you are using it, from almost every country in the world, with usage increasing by about 25% each month. We appreciate all your positive feedback, and love the constructive feedback that’s helped us make an even stronger product. But there are still a LOT of you using the old portal.

Late last week we turned on the another set of feature updates, and the new experience now has all of the features identity admins frequently use. With that update, we’ve entered our final push to GA the UX in the next ~60 days.

And that’s where we need your help: We need everyone to move over to using the new portal for production tasks so we can uncover any last minute lingering issues."


Please, do read Alex` blog post for more details and send us your feedback in the ‘Admin Portal’ section of our feedback forum. Let us know what you think!

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Yay Nasos is here, this space should finally see some active participation now :)

Just tried it, Looks good and works fine. Some great "new" features to. Like adding licenses to a Dynamics azure AD group.


* just one little bug (i think) when you add a simple rule for instance it gives an error because the variable you set is not set between quotes. When you go to the advanced and you set the quotes manual it works fine. (see attachments).


Jerry thank you for the feedback. I make sure that the team sees that. We are working on fixing it.

And keep this feedback coming, that was exactly the purpose of the post. We need to GA completely bug free

If you changed the link in O365 to point to the new Azure AD, then you might get faster adoption.



Thank you Dean. We will do that when we call the new portal "Generaly Available"


Assigning Multiple Groups to a License needs some work.

Click Licenses, choose a Product, Click assign, find a group, select it, then try to add another group, the first one goes away. Similar thing happens with Users. We should be able to keep adding users and groups until we are ready to Assign the license 

It would be helpful it the Licensed User page had better search/filtering capabilities. for example, i want to find the users with a SharePoint license. Doing a search for SharePoint returns no results. Ideally, i could create a filter to easily find the users or groups that did or did not have specific license within a SKU.

@Nasos Kladakis one of the most common complaints/comments around the Azure AD blade is the fact that "regular" users get access to it. Now, I know you honor the UsersPermissionToReadOtherUsersEnabled setting, however other potentially sensitive information can be found there. Have you considered anything in this regard?


Granted, the same is true for the PowerShell modules, but the argument people make there is that PowerShell requires additional steps/install, and using the portal is just easy. I know some big changes are coming there that might address this (and I still hate you guys for not including O365 MVPs :p), but still.

Hey Vasil - we got this request a fair bit, so we added a setting.  If you go to "User settings", there's a setting that says "Restrict access to Azure AD administration portal" which controls non-admin access.  This just governs the portal experience - Graph/Powershell continue to have the same access.


Awesome! Is there any document/blog post that mentions this, so I can use it as quick reference?

It's one of a collection of small changes made in response to feedback; I don't think it has been doc'd yet.
I just read the tool tip on this setting 4 times and found it very confusing. Can you please ask someone to reword/edit it so that it is more clear. Thanks
Agree. As I recall, we flipped the switch and text to increase clarity, but it looks like the help bubble wasn't updated. We'll fix it.

Well I can always link back to this thread as "official" source I guess :)