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Questions on SQL Server hybrid solution authentication with 2 domains via Azure Application Proxy /

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Hi Community,


One of our customer raised the below query:


They've got Azure VM (running SQL 2019 Analysis Services) connected to Azure AD via Azure Domain Services. It is on domain.


For Quest Users works well, when using B2B collaboration scenario in Azure service like, They can share on-premise datasets with guest users and grant different level access as well in my local VM.




They need those same quest users to work with on-premise programs as well. For example  is defined in Azure AD and they've set permissions in SQL Server Analysis Services (in local VM) for that user. Now this same person  is logged into in his/hers personal computer in domain/network environment. They want local programs like Excel etc. to be able to connect to their VM and authenticate using the same quest accounts.


Basically they need help setting up this.


Any pointers would be of great help! Many thanks!

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