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It will be great to know when a mail enabled contact and guest user with the same email address will be able to co-exist or merge in Azure AD. I see it is on the roadmap. 

Interesting to know what the approach is to resolve this? 


My customer has the issue where the business requirement is that all business contacts would be held on the Global address list from their CRM system.  


Those contacts are now in the thousands and are all added to hundreds of distribution lists. 


They have an external domain they used to B2B with partners in Sharepoint on prem. 

Now they want to retire 2013 on Prem but we have been unable to as the external domain accounts and mail contact cannot co-exist.


They tried syncing them but the contacts disappear from Exchange online along with their entries in the distribution lists since the email address can only exist once. 


It is severely hampering their adoption strategy for Office 365 as we cannot share on OneDrive or Sharepoint with our partners until this is resolved. For the minute they continue to use email and Sharepoint on prem for collaboration. 


Any info greatly appreciated. 


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Yes. We are in the process of testing co-existence of Guests and contacts and this will be available as part of GA.
Do you have any timeline for this?
This is done now and you should be able to see this working in your tenancy. The issue that currently exists is that conflicted Guest users cannot access Office 365 groups. The team is working on making this better. So please try this out and let us know!

This is an issue currently discussed in our company. Where can I find more details on how to add mail enabled contacts to Azure B2B?