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I'm confused on the different extension attributes


When using get-azureaduserextension, you get a list of extension attributes in the following format:





These are also present using the MS graph<upn>/ 

"extension_000c7c1090b04b55a0729dde2c757000_extensionAttribute1": "value",
"extension_000c7c1090b04b55a0729dde2c757000_extensionAttribute2": "value",


However you can also query<upn>/onPremisesExtensionAttributes

which returns:

"extensionAttribute1": "value",
"extensionAttribute2": "value",


Are "extension_0...0_extensionAttribute*" identical to "extensionAttribute*"? Where and when are these synced? 


We have one extensionAttribute which is not present as extension_0...0_extensionAttribute.


How can we make sure all extensionAttributes are also available as extension_0...0_extensionAttribute?

Can Powershell also returns extensionAttributes (instead of extension_0...0_extensionAttributes) ? 





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No they aren't. The first set is custom "extensions" you've configured via AAD Connect/matching app on AAD side. Like when you want to create an user_likes_which_color attribute. The second one is the "standard" set of extension attributes you get in the (Exchange) AD schema, customattributeXX (and the extended ones).