Cannot add guest account to Teams

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Hi, when trying to add guest accounts to Teams I receive following error for users, who don't have MS account yet: "Only Office 365 work or school accounts can be added as guests.". As far as I understand, this shouldn't happen anymore, as MS extended the "Guest" functionality. How do I setup Teams / Azure AD properly in order to get this working?

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I have a similar question. I was able to add the test external organizational account (a test yahoo account) to a Teams site, but when I try to log in with that email address, I get the message that account doesn't exist in the organization.  I can see the guest account on the portal -


I have exactly the same issue. Strangely though, there are some external accounts which I can add to Teams and which are able to login to the Sharepoint site (using their free Microsoft accounts). In the Azure Directory I can see both these external users and the other external users who are unable to login to the Sharepoint site. It is a bit odd.