Microsoft Authenticator – Coming August 15th! Supports #AzureAD & Microsoft acct!
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First published on CloudBlogs on Jul, 25 2016
Howdy folks, Today we're trying something different and sharing news with you about an upcoming release. I really prefer to announce new capabilities when you can actually try them out for yourself! But in this case, a lot of largest enterprise customers need some time to plan for this, so we're sharing the news early. On August 15 th , we will start releasing the new "Microsoft Authenticator" apps in all mobile app stores. This new app combines the best parts of our previous authenticator apps into a new app which works with both Microsoft accounts and Azure AD accounts As many of you know, we've had separate authenticator apps for Microsoft account and Azure AD for quite a while – the Azure Authenticator for enterprise customers and the Microsoft account app for consumers. With the new Microsoft Authenticator, we've combined the best of both into a single app that supports enterprise and consumer scenarios. Here are some of the new benefits you will see in the app updates:
  • User experience refresh . We've made the app experience incredibly simple while maintaining the highest level of security.
  • Best in breed MFA experience through one-click push notifications . You only need to click the "approve" button in the notification to complete your login. (And in most cases, you won't even need to open the app to complete the approval.)
  • Support for wearables . You can use an Apple Watch or Samsung Gear device to approve MFA challenges.
  • Finger prints instead of passcodes . We've added support finger print based approvals on both iPhone and Android.
  • Certificate based authentication. Support for enterprise customers to sign in through certificates instead of passwords.

This new app will be delivered as an update to Azure Authenticator. Existing accounts you already have in your Azure Authenticator app will be automatically upgraded. And users of our Microsoft account Android app will get a message prompting them to download the new app. We're just getting started on this new app! Now that we've finished consolidating into a single code base, we're expecting to deliver new improvements at a very rapid pace. So, stay on the lookout for this cool new app, and let us know what you think. If you are an enterprise customer, this is a great time to start updating your documentation to direct employees to the new app! And as always, we'd love to receive any feedback or suggestions you have! Best Regards, Alex Simons (Twitter: @Alex_A_Simons ) Director of Program Management Microsoft Identity Division
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