Introducing GitHub Copilot for Azure: Your Cloud Coding Companion in VS Code!
Published May 21 2024 08:31 AM 10.3K Views

Are you ready to enhance your coding experience? Meet GitHub Copilot for Azure, the latest addition to your toolkit. This extension integrates seamlessly with GitHub Copilot Chat in VS Code, bringing Azure expertise right to your fingertips.


GitHub Copilot for Azure is like having a personal guide to the Azure cloud. It’s here to answer your questions about Azure services, the resources you have deployed, and help you with your troubleshooting. Wondering “which Azure database is commonly used with Django?” or “why is my container app returning 404 errors?” Look no further – GitHub Copilot for Azure can help!


How can you use GitHub Copilot for Azure?

  1. In-Chat Azure Expertise: Simply type “@azure” in Copilot Chat and get real-time insights and answers without leaving your code.
  2. Personal Resource Management: Need to list your storage accounts or find the URL for your Azure container app? GitHub Copilot for Azure has your back.
  3. Deployment Guidance: Need help understanding how to deploy an application on Azure? GitHub Copilot can provide guidance and help along the way.
  4. Troubleshooting: GitHub Copilot for Azure can help you navigate Log Analytics to diagnose your problems.


Ready to Check it Out?

Sign up for access to the private preview at GitHub Copilot for Azure Sign-Up.

We are excited to have you join us on this exciting journey, and we look forward to your feedback!


Stay tuned for more updates like when you’ll get to experience GitHub Copilot for Azure in Visual Studio!





This post was written with the AI assistance from Microsoft Copilot, of course!

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