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Microsoft empowers partners to securely build their own connector on its Open App Connector Platform
Published Jul 18 2023 08:30 AM 5,944 Views

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications has skyrocketed, enabling organizations to streamline operations and enhance productivity. However, with the growing number of SaaS applications, ensuring robust security and protecting sensitive data has become a paramount concern. Microsoft recognizes the significance of this challenge and offers a comprehensive solution through our Microsoft Defender suite.


At the heart of this solution lie our app connectors, which serve as vital bridges between customers' SaaS apps and Microsoft's powerful security capabilities. By leveraging app connectors, organizations can seamlessly extend app security features to their diverse SaaS ecosystem, thereby safeguarding their data, mitigating risks, and reinforcing their overall SaaS security posture.


Today, we are excited to announce the Open App Connector Platform in public preview which will enable SaaS vendors to easily build and maintain their own connecters while benefiting from the built-in app security features in Microsoft Defender. Starting with two critical partners Asana and Miro, organizations can connect and protect both apps under the Microsoft XDR umbrella.


What is the Open App Connector Platform?

The Open App Connector platform is a new, code-less connector development platform designed for vendors to build connectors for their SaaS apps. The platform simplifies connector development by eliminating the need for coding and reducing the time required for integration.

Building connectors provides huge benefits for SaaS vendors by enhancing their app security capabilities through advanced threat protection and SaaS security posture management features in Microsoft 365 Defender
. SaaS apps are automatically added to the Microsoft 365 Defender partner catalog, providing vendors visibility and an opportunity to expand to new customers.


Spotlighting Asana and Miro

We are thrilled to announce that Asana and Miro 
have partnered with Microsoft as the first vendors to build connectors using the Open Connector Platform and have joined the ever-growing list of SaaS applications protected by Defender for Cloud Apps.


Both partners were able to easily develop their connecters and had a seamless experience.    


Asana is a leading work management platform that helps organizations orchestrate their work, from small projects to strategic initiatives.


"We're thrilled to extend Asana's enterprise IT ecosystem to include Microsoft Defender to better serve our customers with a secure, centralized work management platform. In partnering with the Microsoft team, we were motivated to explore an innovative approach to a joint solution. Integrating with Microsoft Defender for Cloud App's new platform was a seamless process, thanks to their team's support. Here at Asana, we look forward to partnering and collaborating with Microsoft as the needs of enterprises continue to evolve." Sam Gold, Product Manager at Asana.


Miro is an online workspace for innovation that enables distributed teams of any size to dream, design, and build the future together. Miro includes a full suite of capabilities designed for innovation including diagramming, real-time data visualization, workshop facilitation, and built-in support for product development processes.

"Miro is proud to partner with Microsoft as one of the first [vendors] to build a connector using the Open App Connector Platform. This collaboration allows us to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft 365 Defender's powerful security features, providing our customers with enhanced protection and peace of mind while leveraging the full potential of Miro to unlock new possibilities for innovation,” says Andrew Edelman, Head of Partnerships at Miro. “We are excited to be part of Microsoft's initiative and look forward to empowering our customers with seamless app integration and advanced security capabilities."


With these integrations, customers can now seamlessly integrate Asana and Miro in the partners catalog and extend powerful security features to these apps.


Partner with us

Embracing App Connectors becomes imperative for customers as it allows them to harness the full potential of Microsoft's SaaS security offering and protect their vital business operations from ever-evolving threats in the dynamic world of cloud-based applications. The process is simple and requires minimal effort, see below.




Microsoft invites SaaS vendors to take advantage of the Open App Connector platform and build SaaS app connectors. Join the rapidly growing ecosystem today, and together we can build a more secure SaaS landscape.


Leverage the following resources to learn how to partner with us:

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