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We Are Pleased To Introduce the Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence Ninja Training Series!
Published Oct 25 2022 11:41 AM 5,676 Views

We're thrilled to introduce the Nina Training Series for Defender Threat Intelligence. Whether you're new and just getting to know Defender TI or are already a user and want to hone your skills, this curriculum will ensure you can get the most out of the platform. The following modules contain blogs, videos, and links to helpful resources that will show you how Defender TI works, builds its datasets and threat intelligence, and enables faster, more intelligent threat hunting and incident response.


Defender TI Ninja training aims to help you get up to speed and master the advanced threat-hunting and incident-response techniques it offers. The content builds over six modules, from introductory content to more advanced tutorials. Stay tuned - our team is constantly creating new content to help users succeed, which we'll add to each module.


To learn more, visit our Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence (MDTI) Ninja L400 Training.


What is Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence (MDTI)?


MDTI is a Threat Intelligence workbench empowering security operations analysts, threat hunters, incident responders, threat intelligence analysts, and researchers to improve their SOC outcomes and efficiency and expand knowledge of the threat landscape to include actors, tools, vulnerabilities, and infrastructure. MDTI provides a mechanism to connect indicators of compromise to finished intelligence, such as vulnerability articles, enriched Open-Source intelligence, or Microsoft-produced intelligence articles. It also enables analysts to gather more context on indicators from its raw intelligence, which comes in the form of public-facing internet datasets. Using these features, analysts can better understand their adversaries to build better detection processes and be able to respond and build more robust defenses more quickly when incidents inevitably arise.


What's new?


Please stay tuned to this blog for updates regarding MDTI Ninja Training content. We expect to release new Ninja training content quarterly as new features and integrated use cases emerge. In addition, please join our Cloud Security Private Community to hear about and experience new features before they are released to our Public Community.


Additional MDTI resources:


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