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Why Microsoft is the right choice for healthcare
Published Nov 17 2022 08:46 AM 5,343 Views

Why should you choose Microsoft Defender for Office 365 to protect your healthcare business?


Consider the amount of sensitive information healthcare organizations like yours have in their care. Attackers are doubling down on efforts to steal or use valuable healthcare data in a ransomware attack. Keeping things like patient data safe, while allowing your staff to provide care to your patients uninterrupted, requires a comprehensive, reliable security solution tailored for your needs.





Introducing Microsoft Defender for Office 365, the right choice for security conscious healthcare organizations. Protect your business and employees from advanced, targeted, and zero-day attacks, which can take the form of phishing, malware, and business email compromise attacks. Get end-to-end protection, including built-in attack simulation and awareness training, to ensure your employees can spot threats quickly and easily.



We’re on a mission to give you the peace of mind that your data is secure, so you can pass that confidence onto your patients. Customers from the healthcare industry such as St Luke’s University Health Network have already taken advantage of our solution.


“At the end of the day, we can say to the patient, alongside the quality of health services you receive, protecting your data is the most important thing to us. Thanks to Microsoft 365, that’s one more way we can differentiate the culture of care at St. Luke’s."

– Chief Information Security Officer, St. Luke's University Health Network


Availability is also a huge concern. Services being offline could cost you and your patients dearly. Rest easy with Microsoft and our financially backed service level agreement (SLA).


“Proofpoint went down every quarter, but our Exchange email hasn’t gone down once since we rolled out Microsoft Defender for Office 365. We haven’t had a fire drill in more than a year. With everything else I have to worry about, that’s a significant win.”

– Chief Information Security Officer, St. Luke's University Health Network



With Microsoft Defender for Office 365, you not only get email protection, but also integrated protection across all of Microsoft 365. Stop threats in Teams, SharePoint, Office apps, and OneDrive.



Should the worst happen, we’ve still got you covered. A suite of security tooling, including automated remediation and response, gives you a 24/7 AI-powered security team working in the background to clean up any threats. Make your IT & security teams lives much easier.


Here are just some of the benefits you get when you combine the power of Microsoft 365 with Microsoft Defender for Office 365 for your security solution:


  • The Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare ecosystem
  • Message Encryption to keep anything you share secure (Part of Exchange Online)
  • Data Loss Prevention to detect and stop the leak of healthcare data & personally identifiable information (PII). (Part of Microsoft Purview) 
  • Prevention from known and zero-day ransomware and malware attacks
  • Protection from malicious URLs with time-of-click protection and scanning during delivery
  • Increased cyber resilience by improving your staff’s security awareness
  • Financially backed availability to keep you up and running
  • Automated AI powered investigation & response
  • & much more - Endpoint, Identity & IoT security with the whole Defender suite. (Part of Defender Suite)  


Read more on St Luke's journey here


If you’re not convinced yet, why not sign up for a no obligation, no impact, free 90-day trial to see the benefits of Microsoft Defender for Office 365 for yourself. Give your patients the peace of mind they deserve!


We’re excited for you to try out these new capabilities. Let us know what you think using the Defender for Office 365 forum


Read more about how you can empower care teams to collaborate, provide seamless virtual visits, and help protect sensitive healthcare information with the full Microsoft 365 suite. Microsoft 365 and Healthcare | Microsoft

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