Training only campaign is now available with an expanded training module library
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Attack Simulation Training is an intelligent phish risk reduction tool that measures behavior change and automates deployment of an integrated security awareness training program across an organization. It is available with Microsoft 365 E5 or Microsoft Defender for Office 365 P2 plan 


We are extremely excited to announce that Attack Simulation Training now provides the capability for admins to launch a Training only campaign!


What this means is that you can assign training modules directly to users within your organization without the need to configure a phishing simulation campaign. 

Along with this release, we are expanding our training content library to more than 70 training modules! 


There are several additional updates we have made to other aspects of Attack Simulation Training to facilitate the creation of an effective training experience for organizations. 


  • Training module content library – admins can now browse and preview all available training modules in the content library. 
  • Additional insights into already assigned training modules – admins can view if a specific training module is being utilized in an active campaign to reduce overlap of training assignments to the same users. We also added a completion rate per each training module to make it easy for admins to see popular modules. 
  • Reduction of duplicate training reassignment to individual users – admins can set a threshold number of days in the settings tab so that a user would not be assigned the same training module multiple times during this set period. 


So what are some scenarios that are suitable for launching a Training Only Campaign

1.New employees 

When an employee just joins an organization, it could be an opportunity to update them on best practices or introduce them to organizational security. Assigning training modules directly provides actionable steps in user education. 


2. Additional training assigned to vulnerable users 

Some users may be more vulnerable to phishing attacks and sometimes they may need additional training to help them stay vigilant against bad actors. Assign training modules directly to these users to provide additional context and insights on organizational security. 

3. General training for the entire organization 

With an expanded training module library – we now cover a wide array of topics from GDPR to data classification to protecting physical devices that can provide overviews about important security related topics. Check out the training modules that may support your organization’s security and compliance goals! 
Also, keep an eye out for twelve new security training modules that will be coming shortly from SANS! We are very excited about this as well. 

Get started on creating your first training only campaign and explore the expanded training module library


Want to learn more about Attack Simulation Training? 

Get started with the available documentation today and you can read more details about new features in Attack Simulation Training. 


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