Office 365 ATP is now Microsoft Defender for Office 365

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This morning, at Ignite, we announced Microsoft 365 Defender which brings the threat protection service portfolio across Microsoft 365 together under a unified brand. Microsoft 365 Defender offers powerful prevention, detection, hunting and response capabilities to threats across identities, endpoints, cloud apps, email, and documents.


This new unified branding is a testament to our continued endeavor to integrate the different threat protection focused services across Microsoft. We’re continuing to focus on amplifying the protection for organizations and offering differentiated experiences that greatly enhance security teams’ effectiveness and efficiency.


As part of this announcement, several products have been brought together under the Defender brand. Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection is now Microsoft Defender for Office 365.


While the name has changed, what has not changed is Microsoft’s continued commitment to offer best-of-breed protection against attacks targeting Office 365. Our strategy to offer customers unparalleled protection on Office 365, grounded on three foundational differentiators, has not changed.





Our commitment to taking a holistic view to protecting customers on Office 365 has also not changed. Each of the categories below is a critical peg to ensuring that organizations are protected across Office 365.






We will continue to innovate and offer the best protection, experiences and value to our customers. In fact, today we’re also announcing new capabilities in Defender for Office 365. Read my other post this morning, introducing Priority Account Protection, to learn more about the latest enhancements to Microsoft Defender for Office 365.



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Hi im trying to locate presentation materials i can reuse as a partner for L200 plus technical conversations for Office Defender ATP.


There seem to be no content on Partner Centre, can you link me to the latest downloadable customer presentations please.




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@Girish_Chander ,

I am in a similar predicament.

I am looking for a comparison between the MimeCast S1 licesne SKU vs. MS Defender for O365 Plan 1.

I am compiling a business case to replace our current Mimecast subscription with Plan 1.

We are currently using the O365 Business Premium licenses.

Any feed-back here would be much appreciated.





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One year later and the product itself couldn't be more actually named "Advanced Threat Protection".  I'm talking, in the email headers (e.g., X-MS-Exchange-AtpMessageProperties: SA|SL), admin alerts coming from, just as examples.  It would nice if a product rename meant something more than just marketing.  Will Microsoft ever go back to this, or just leave it as is, ever drifting away from the documentation and marketing?


While I'm at it, the end-user spam notifications are still styled after Office 365 from 2015.  I know that's not Defender (/ATP), but it is also telling of how little the marketing and the reality are matching.  I just wonder who the marketing is aimed at.  If it's new hopefully new customers, then I think it's a bad look when everything being sold isn't what is actually delivered.

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