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Copy simulations in Attack Simulation Training is now GA
Published Apr 16 2024 10:17 AM 3,081 Views

We are excited to announce that in Attack Simulation Training, you can now copy an existing simulation and modify it to suit your need which will save you time and effort when creating new simulations based on previous ones. 


Attack Simulation and Training is an intelligent phish risk reduction tool that measures behaviour change and automates deployment of an integrated security awareness training program across an organization. This pre-emptive approach not only enhances the individual's ability to spot threats but also contributes to the collective resilience of the organization against increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks. It is available with Microsoft 365 E5 or Microsoft Defender for Office 365 P2 plan  


How it enhances the productivity of Attack Simulation Admins 

  • You can now use an existing simulation as a template for new simulations, instead of creating a new one from scratch every time. This is particularly useful when the new simulation is similar to a previously launched one.  
  • Common simulation templates can be created and saved as drafts, which can then be customized according to your needs. This is helpful when launching multiple simulations simultaneously, with the only differences being the payload, target users, or landing pages.  
  • You can also target the same set of users’ multiple times using the same simulation template, similar to an attacker sending reminders to recipients to click a phishing link or check the content within an email.  
  • Multiple test simulations can be run with ease to test out different configurations or modifications before launching organization-wide simulations. You can test out the user experience for custom content, such as payloads, landing page, notifications on different email clients and browser versions or validate the notifications for different end-user actions such as click, report, compromised, etc.  

How to copy a simulation 

You can copy any simulation that you have created or automatically created that is available in the “Simulations” tab.  

You can then modify the copy as you wish, such as changing the simulation name, description, technique, payload, target users, etc. 

To copy a simulation, follow these steps: 

  • Go to the Microsoft 365 Defender portal and select Attack simulation training. 
  • Select the Simulations tab and find the simulation that you want to copy. 
  • Select the checkbox next to the simulation name, and then select SehrishKhan_0-1713285652008.pngCopy simulation. 
  • The simulation configuration wizard opens with all the original settings and a simulation name containing the suffix _Copy. 
  • Review and modify the simulation configuration as needed. Select Submit to launch it or save and close to review it later. If you select Cancel, the copied simulation isn't saved. 

Once you have created a copy, you can edit or run it as you would with any other simulation. 

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Learn more

About Copy Simulation here: Simulate a phishing attack with Attack simulation training | Microsoft Learn 

To learn more about Microsoft Security solutions, visit our website. Bookmark the security blog to keep up with our expert coverage on security matters. Also, follow us at @MSFTSecurity for the latest news and updates on cybersecurity. 


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